Studio Feasa

we have so much yet to learn

what is Studio Feasa

Studio Feasa is a special place to learn, share and develop skills along a wide spectrum of creativity to include arts and crafts, healing modalities, mind and body wellness, esoterica and alchemy.

We invite crafts people, holistic health practitioners and wisdom keepers to come and share their knowledge and skills in this unique and peaceful rural setting.

We welcome participants who are eager to learn new skills and expand their knowledge in a range of disciplines.

The Space

The space is full of light, its cozy and connects with the outside with floor to ceiling windows.

the doing together

The creative process, when practised both physically and spiritually leads to a greater sense of wellbeing & wholeness. When the two are manifested together something quite magical happens and this is enhanced and multiplied when practiced with a group as the combined energies brought forward alchemise the creative journey for all.

let's explore

The space lends itself well to lots of different learning meet-ups including:

Quantum Energy
Listening to the land
Cosmic Universe
Meditation & Qi Gong
Immrama – Journeying with the Irish Ancestors
Arts & Craftwork
Holistic Therapies

about Róisín

....and why she set up Studio Feasa

Róisín Lennon is passionate about learning as much as possible about as much as possible as she journeys through life and feels that to share this passion is part of why she is here.
Having grown up in the countryside of county Clare and spending her childhood immersed in the beauty of this islands nature and landscape, from the fields and mountains to the coastal beaches and atlantic sea, Róisín developed a keen interest in how we are presented with endless beauty in colour, texture and design as she walked and played on our exquisite land. This lead her to study at Limerick College of Art focusing on Fashion Design. She has enjoyed a fruitful career subsequently as a costume Designer in the film, TV & Theatre industry.

Along with her passion for Art and Design, Roisin has also trained as a Homeopath.  She felt drawn towards this medicine through her personal experiences being treated by and using the remedies successfully in the treatment of disease.

Holistic medicine makes perfect sense to me in its many forms and disciplines as I have felt a very strong connection to and relationship with nature all my life. I recognise the intelligence of the earths amazing healing substances and properties, plant, animal and mineral, and I believe that we are just one component of a vastly intelligent system; we are here for 'it' and 'it' is here for us!!! My goal is to share this most fulfilling and wondrous facts of life with as many other souls as possible and so Studio Feasa was born.

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