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If you would like to inquire about running an event at Studio Feasa, please feel free to contact Róisín.

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A day exploring the 12 Tissue Salts with Pauric Gibbons

Date Sat, 15th June 2024 Times 10.30am to 4.30pm Price 25 euro booking deposit (to...
I was blessed to be able to present a 2-day workshop last September at Studio Feasa.  Far from being hard work, the weekend was a treat for me and all who attended. Everything was taken care of so generously and beautifully by the wondrously capable hands and heart of Roisin, leaving me free to focus only on presenting (such a luxury). It’s a rare and precious thing to feel cared for, provided for, mothered as you teach, so that energy is easily sustained.  We were nourished in every way by a warm and comfortable room, refreshments, and a most bountiful, delicious and healthy lunch.  
Roisin is a quintessential mother, and has imbued Studio Feasa with an ambience that invites you to sink into relaxing and receiving.  It’s a womb for gestating the soul; a holding place for the holy; a well at which to drink deep, whether you’re there to teach or to learn.
Jane Catherine Severn,
Luna House, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

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Femenome | a new consciousness for women, with Jane Catherine Severn

Femenome | a new consciousness for women, with Jane Catherine Severn. A weekend workshop shedding...

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Homeopathy use in the Home

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Elemental Body Movement Meditation Workshop

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Immrama workshop

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