Homeopathy, prescribing with the Colour Chart

The Details


14th October 2023


10am to 5pm


80 euro (including light vegetarian lunch)

Booking deposit
- 30 euros

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About the workshop

This is a Homeopathy workshop for Homeopaths, facilitated by Monica Rigney.

This workshop will introduce you to a way of prescribing homeopathic remedies that Monica uses in her own practice, using the Colour Chart as produced by Ulrich Welte of Narayana Publishers.

In the words of Jan Scholten below:

The colour preference is a significant and effective symptom. It‘s effective in the sense that it can indicate or confirm a diagnosis in many cases. The color preference is a peculiar symptom expressing the inner state of the patient, which is the state of the remedy. And it‘s a very specific symptom. The table designed by Ulrich Welte is the most usable I‘ve seen so far. All colors are clear and accurately standardised, so it can be used without ambiguity

For the past 16 years Monica has been compiling a Materia medica of the remedies that relate to each group of colours. She would like to share with you how she uses it and show you another tool to help find the simillimum.

Contact roisin@studiofeasa.ie for bookings.

About Monica


Monica graduated from the Galway College of Homeopathy in 2008. She practices in Galway as a Homeopath and an Awareness therapist. She uses Ulrich Welte’s - Colors in Homeopathy chart in her practice and has been compiling a spread sheet with information on the remedies in the chart for the past 16 years. As an Awareness therapist, Monica reflects back to people some of the patterns that they have lived by but that no longer serve them. Her favourite words are “Giving myself Permission”, which is how she tries to live her life.

please note, if Participants have travelled a distance, they are welcome to camp at Studio Feasa