Heart Times – medicine for our modern world

The Details


Fri 6th Oct 2023


11am to 5pm


95 euro (including delicious vegetarian lunch)

to secure a place, please pay 30 euro deposit

About the workshop

Open Floor movement is an embodiment practice, a form of healing, resourcing and remembering the essential self through movement, enquiry and dance meditation.

This one day retreat is an invitation to all, to gather, move, rest and sit in circle as we journey into the world of our own hearts.

The heart centre is a doorway into a vast and powerful energy field, one that research shows is capable of changing the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It is designed to balance all of our experiences and to unify our sense of self at every level, in solitude, in relationship, in community and with Spirit.

Our greatest strength sits at the core of our vulnerability and can be tapped into when we risk opening ourselves to what arises in the moment and allowing it to be there. In the dance we meet the intelligence of the life force moving through us, we practice listening and offering what arises into motion. This helps us access our innate ability to heal and transform, encouraging us to shift from fixed or stuck positions physically, emotionally and mentally into more fluid and balanced ways of being in our lives.

Supported by the resources of Open Floor Movement we will cultivate an attitude of compassion and curiosity as we explore our emotional body and practice listening to the truth within our hearts and following the flow of the energies moving through us.

In the current climate of these modern times humanity needs good medicine, one that connects us to our hearts, to our essential selves and to each other. Movement as meditation offers an embodied medicine that can expand our capacity to be present, to love, to share our gifts and engage wholeheartedly with life.

Carol McInerney

Contact roisin@studiofeasa.ie for bookings.

About Carol


Carol teaches dynamic and restorative free form movement practices to facilitate embodiment of our physicality, along with the dimensions of our heart, mind and soul. It brings her joy to support people to embrace their true nature and to find ease in their authentic ways of being through conscious movement. Her work draws upon 21 years of study and training in embodied movement practices, ecstatic dance, somatic therapy, energy medicine and animism.

She offers classes, workshops and healing retreats in Ireland and online that engage practical and creative resources for daily living in a world that is undergoing radical transformation.

For more info on her work please go to www.themovingbody.ie

please note, if Participants have travelled a distance, they are welcome to camp at Studio Feasa