A day exploring the 12 Tissue Salts with Pauric Gibbons

The Details


Sat, 15th June 2024


10.30am to 4.30pm


25 euro booking deposit (to include a delicious vegetarian lunch and venue hire)

Pauric is happy to accept donations from participants on the day also to cover his time and travel.

Booking deposit - 25 euros

(you can pay via Paypal)

About the workshop

Pauric Gibbons is coming to StudioFeasa to give a very useful and informative workshop on the use of the 12 Tissue Salts in homeopathy.

These beautiful gentle little salts can be used to great effect for everything from sports injuries to any other illnesses where the body is out of balance. Pauric will explain how when using the Tissue salts the body will return to its natural homeostasis, where it can heal itself from all manner of disease and illness.  He is a great believer in restoring natural balance to our system when treating and healing illness.

In this workshop Pauric will go through all of the 12 tissue salts and their supportive balancing effects on our vital organs and tissues.

A very informative talk for both homeopaths in practice and anyone interested in bringing balanced healing to theirs and their families lives.

About Pauric

Pauric Gibbons is a man of the land, he farms the land and looks after his animals with the utmost care making sure each blade of grass they eat is of the highest premium quality.  Pauric studied homeopathy after discovering how well it worked treating his cows.  He is now a well known and established-homeopath, acupuncturist and iridologist and all round wise healer who can spot what’s out of balance in someone almost straight away. Pauric delivers this information in the most unique and entertaining way, he will have you glued to his words and wisdom from start to finish.

please note, if Participants have travelled a distance, they are welcome to camp at Studio Feasa