Femenome | a new consciousness for women, with Jane Catherine Severn

The Details


Sat & Sun 23rd & 24th September 2023


9.30am to 4.30pm


80 euro per day or 150 euro for 2 days (including light vegetarian lunch)

Booking deposit - 30 euros

(you can pay via Paypal)
*sliding scale available, please get in touch to discuss

About the workshop

a weekend workshop shedding new light on menstrual cycles and menopause, Presented by:  Jane Catherine Severn

(Attend one or both days - whole weekend recommended for menopausal women)

Part 1:  The Whole of the Moon: illuminating your menstrual cycle

Saturday 23rd September, 9.30 – 4.30

Would you like: 

A new understanding of our female hormones and why they act as they d0
A clear model that makes sense of our changeability, emotions and physical experiences right around the month
Some tools to minimise difficulties and align our daily life to our cycle energies
An exploration of our menstrual cycle’s special resonance with Nature
An experience of the spiritual and cycle-logical dimensions of living our menstrual cycle consciously


Part 2:  The Alchemy of Menopause

Sunday 24th September, 9.30 – 4.30

Would you like:

An in-depth, empowering and perhaps surprising new context for making sense of Menopause
A fresh look at hormones, and why they behave in the mysterious ways they do.
Some navigational aids to help you trust and enjoy your menopause, and ease any struggles or worries
Insights and understandings that go far beyond the medical model
A re-orientation to menopause’s spiritual and psyche-logical purpose in our overall life-design


Presented by:  Jane Catherine Severn

Psychotherapist, Pascha Therapist, Educator, Writer

Founder and Facilitator of Luna House (www.lunahouse.co.nz)

Author of The World Within Women: the femenome guide to your menstrual cycle  (www.lunahouse.co.nz/shop)

Contact roisin@studiofeasa.ie for bookings.

About Jane


Jane Catherine Severn is a practicing therapist, writer and menstruality educator in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Having realised in her mid-twenties that there is much more to know than we have ever been told about why female hormones behave in the ways they do, Jane Catherine embarked on her lifelong mission of offering women a new view of themselves, and the intricate, elegant and supremely purposeful design of their monthly and midlife changes. 40 years of studying women’s lives from the intimate perspective of her Psychotherapy/Pascha Therapy practice, combined with her deep respect for the ways of Nature and absolute faith in the integrity of the female design, gave birth to the unique and inspiring body of knowledge she calls “conscious menstruality” and her original model, “the femenome”. In 2005 she created Luna House (www.lunahouse.co.nz) as an educational and therapeutic specialty service. She also offers professional development training in her new therapy modality, Femenome® Therapy. The psycho-spiritual perspective of Jane Catherine’s courses, workshops and seminars offers a genuine and empowering alternative to our accustomed medicalised approach.

Her first book, “The World Within Women: the femenome guide to your menstrual cycle” is available at www.lunahouse.co.nz/shop and her second, “The Alchemy of Menopause”, is on its way.

please note, if Participants have travelled a distance, they are welcome to camp at Studio Feasa