Immrama workshop

The Details


June 3rd 2023


10.00am - 5.00pm


80 euro (including light vegetarian lunch)

About the workshop

On June 3rd we are running a very special workshop here at Studio Feasa.

Deirdre Wadding founder of Coire Sois School of Irish Spirituality will come and teach us some of her vast knowledge on the theme of Sovereignty.

This workshop will explore a range of Irish Pagan topics including:
IMMRAMMA (vision journeys) into the Irish Otherworld, Mytology, Ceremony, Sacred Drama and the use of Irish language for Ritual and connecting to the land .

Sovereignty and stepping into the core of our authentic selves is a key component of Deirdres work and teachings at Coire Sois.

The Workshop will use all of the above components with a particular emphasis on stepping into our power in alignment with the Sovereignty Goddesses of Ireland especially ERIU, MEDHBH, ÁINE & the Cailleach.

These teachings will be beneficial to those who wish to learn more about our deeply intelligent heritage of wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors and the land , it is a very unique opportunity to immerse yourself and connect in to this magical wisdom.

Contact for bookings.

About Deirdre


Deirdre Wadding is founder/ teacher of Coire Sois School of Irish Spirituality based in South Wexford where she lives , close to the sea with her adult family and 6 cats.

Coire Sois offers training and ordination for women on an Irish Pagan Priestess path. Workshops are also offered online and in person on a range of Irish Pagan topics.

It is possible to camp at Studio Feasa if you’re travelling a distance.